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Wind electric and solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) technologies offers several advantages over either single system.

Many hybrid systems are stand-alone systems, which operate "off-grid" -- not connected to an electricity distribution system. For the times when neither the wind nor the solar system are producing, most hybrid systems provide power through batteries and/or an engine generator powered by conventional fuels, such as diesel. If the batteries run low, the engine generator can provide power and recharge the batteries.



The independent systems cannot provide a continuous source of energy, as they are seasonal depending on the region. One can utilize a hybrid system of wind and solar to capture the strengths of each system, while at the same time overcoming the weaknesses of each system, to create a balanced approach to producing energy. The unit cost of power can be minimized but the same cannot be guaranteed for all regions due to the variation of the solar/wind energy received. The off grid solar wind hybrid system by Vatsaa energy keeps the battery completely charged irrespective of the weather and time.



Combines two energy sources; the sun and a diesel generator, where the diesel generator supplies excess load and recharge the battery during overcasts. The hybrid system is meant for backup power in case of a power shortage, say during the peak demands. It also reduces downtime during maintenance or repairs since the system on its own, ensures that all the components are used efficiently at an optimum rate. For example, during the day, the solar modules will generate energy in the form of Direct Current (DC) and is stored in the battery or straight away put to use by converting it into AC through the inverter. So, when night time falls and the solar modules do not generate energy, the DC stored in the battery is put into use.



Solar-wind-diesel generator hybrid power system consists of solar panels, wind turbine, low-voltage diesel generator, MPPT solar&diesel generator controller, wind controller and battery. The battery can power the loads for consecutive 60 hours and can be fully charged within 3 consecutive sunny days in winter season. The diesel generator will start automatically to power the loads and charge the battery when the battery voltage goes down to the set value.

Vatsaa energy provides with Solar-wind-diesel generator hybrid systems which can resist the rainy days to power the loads consistently all the day and has a high working stability.