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Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Vatsaa Energy is committed to ensure the social wellbeing of the communities in the vicinity of its business operation through corporate social responsibility initiatives.
Vatsaa Energy is involved into a wide variety of CSR activities where it look forward for the development of the education & environment . Vatsaa Energy has been addressing to several social, economic and environmental areas where we are making a valuable contribution to improve standard of living, education and contributing to the global development. Under Vatsaa Energy, their latest CSR activity has facilitated maintainense to all the renewable energy powerplants around kerala at the time of keralafloods 2018 Vatsaa energy always holds to its responsibility of creating awareness about the impact renewable energy technologies can have on the industry as well as on the environment.Through our Policy and our Sustainability initiatives, we implement practices that promote security and environmental stewardship within the organization and outside.

Having minimal impact on the natural environment

Enabling local communities to develop their potential

Empowering employees to be responsible civil society members