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Vatsaa Energy is a leader in renewable power technologies and pioneer in floating solar power plant technology was founded with the objective of enabling domestic and industrial customers to realize a green future while lowering carbon emissions. The passion for innovation made Vatsaa Energy one of the very few companies in the globe capable of constructing large floating power plants in dams, lakes and even in oceans. As one of the India’s leading renewable energy service providers, we help our utility and industry customers to produce green electrical power efficiently and to strengthen the economy in a sustainable way.


Invention and implmentation of eco friendly and economic power technologies for a better tommorow with professionalism and perfection.To spread the floating solar power plant technologies all over the world; and to contribute towards low carbon economy initiatives.


    We believe in the possibility of renewable power technologies and are passionate about its ability to transform the power industry to an efficient and eco-friendly sector.

    We are proud to be an innovative organisation introducing new and advanced inventions on floating solar power plant technology.

    We respect our clients and delivers on our promises with agility, diligence and honesty. We care for our products and its beneficiaries and are always cautious about safety and efficiency of our power plants.

    We believe in our responsibilities of spreading the word about the perks of renewable energy resources and actively pursue every single opportunity to do so.



Began Wind Energy Service

Started Suppling Vertical And Horizontal Wind Turbines.


Vatsaa Energy's Entry To Roof Top Solar

Started Roof Top Solar Business In Medium & Large Scale.

International Operations

Expanded Wings To ASEAN Region.

Next Generation Floating Solar

Development Of Floating Solar For Future Started.


Introduction Of Floating Solar

Completed World's First Floating Solar Power Plant With Ferrocement Buoyant At Bansura Sagar Dam Kerala.

Awards And Recognitions

Directors Of Vatsaa Energy Selected For Kerala State Youth Icon Award, CMA - AIMA Young Entrepreneur Award Etc.

Starting of consultancy business

Vatsaa Energy Entered In Renewable Energy Cosulting Business.


Incorporation of VEPL

Name Of VatsaaTech Changed To Vatsaa Energy & Incorporated As Pvt . Ltd. Company


KSEB Funding

After A Number Of Failed Attempts,  Team Vatsaa Selected For Funding By KSEB -OIZ.

Beginning Of Office At Govt.Engineering College TBI.

Entry Of Sudhin

Sudhin V M, Basically A Mechanical Engineer Joined Vatsaa Energy As A Partner.



Formation Of An Officeless Firm

Vatsaa Tech Began With No Office,No Money.


The Idea Of Floating Solar Evolving

During His Days At Govt. Engineering College Wayanad, The Idea Of Floating Solar Technology Evolved Correctly In Ajay's Mind.



Ajay Thomas, A Higher Secondary Student Inspired By RVG's Essay And He Decided To Do Something To Realise Floating Solar Concept.